Sunday, June 2, 2013

Been a little bit

I can't believe how long it's been since I've last jotted something on here!

So much has happened, but then again some things har totally stayed the same.

Tonight's post will be quick.

I'm just really tired of somethings, and trying not to be jealous of certain things too.

I just wonder will it ever be me? Will it be me planning MY wedding? Will it be me building a house? Will it be me having a baby? Will it be me that finally breaks the chains of some things in my life?

Maybe it's the fact my ten year reunion from high school is drawing very nigh.

Oh well, here's to a new week!

Thursday, October 27, 2011

just like that ... six months have past

if you're from alabama, you'll understand this post a little better!

six months ago today the worst tornado event occurred all over this wonderful state! the images are still as heart breaking as when i first saw them. the tornadoes left my area in a power outage for 5 days for me, give or take for others. i have some clients, family and friends who work for our wonderful utility company who worked like no one before! a huge thank you to their families for sharing! my own brother, who works for my county's water dept, worked like a poor ole crazy man!

also, six months ago my precious papa had a MAJOR surgery - yes, at about midnight during the first night of the power outage when there was very limited communication b/c of lines being down and such.

i can't believe it's been six months! so much has happened since then!

and, so much is happening still! i have lots to update soon i promise!

my last post was about my pastor being so sick. he passed away Friday, October 14 on the last word of the last verse of "Amazing Grace" that his wife and 4 children were singing to him as they were standing around his hospital bed. precious precious precious!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

heart breaks

are never easy. i guess that's why they call it "breaks". as i type this my pastor is dying. it's terribly sad. his family is such a close family, he's been pastor of my church for almost 37 year (out of my church's 58 years), and half of his family are hard workers still in our church.

i never knew how to treat or be treated by a pastor that wasn't my own father. bro richard is like a grandfather to me. no, i haven't always liked things he's said, done or wanted done. that's human of us all. he's such an amazing man! a strong fighter, faithful, loving, serving, smiling man.

he's 75, fighting his 2 battle of renal cell carcinoma. he developed a bleeding ulcer and things haven't been the same since late july early august.

they hospital called his family in sunday morning early, the day of our church's homecoming service, and he's not been responsive since.

he's the first real pastor i've had since my dad. my old church had called a pastor after my dad left, but it was so hard for me b/c of everything that had happened with my family and church at one time. i felt he was a miserable replacement of my dad. i really think God moving to NSBC and away from the church where i, literally, grew up in was a blessing for me and WBC.

bro richard has been such a silent, strong, faithful, loving, smiling, praising, teaching, passionate pastor and i'm going to miss him so much. at least i know i won't be alone in the sadness. my whole church family is close, and i know that loosing him is going to affect us in many ways.

please, if you're a believer, pray for my precious pastor, his family, our church family and friends ... this is not easy.

with sadness, yet joy ... knowing where he is going, and just thinking of how wonderful his first day of Heaven is going to be thrills me and makes me somewhat jealous.

joy comes in the morning ....

Monday, September 12, 2011

4 1/2 months later ...

i'm going to attempt to post again ... i have two already started, but i can tell they're me needing to vent and don't need to be broad casted to anyone else ...

so, wow! time has flown! it's almost mid-september!

lately, i have been feeling like i'm in  a stand still. i feel like every one is getting married, buying a home, or having a baby (ies). it's not helping matters that some friends are already on baby #2. i love my job, love selling jewelry (even though i'm not staying super busy with it), love my family - especially my nephews, but i feel like nothing is changing with me.

i don't mean to be selfish, but sometimes i think we should focus on ourselves. who else is??? i also would like for God to let me in on if i'm going to be single the rest of my life or not. i know that's not how HE works, but boy oh boy! it would be nice to know so i could try to "help" HIM plan my life. maybe if i knew that info i wouldn't have the feelings i do now, or maybe it would make it worse. i'm trying to grasp on the idea of what fun would it be if i knew God's total plan for me - it wouldn't be fun b/c i wouldn't get the lessons and blessings daily that HE alone gives.

have you ever felt that way? like nothing you did was good enough because you're not where you thought you were going to be?

more to come ...

Monday, April 25, 2011

where to start ...

is the big question here! wow! maybe i should just do a list! i'm not even sure i would remember everything.

first off, i am sad to say i did not make my goal of losing 20 pounds by Easter. last i weighed, i was down 8-10 pounds depending on the scale. i'm ok with that. i should have set a goal of 10, but i wanted to more. too much? maybe. could have done it? yep! pretty sure i could have if i had really worked hard at it.

i still find myself making better food choices, so it has become a life style change. as for the group from my church doing this: yeah. they all fell off the weight loss wagon. truth be told, i'm one of the 4/20 that stuck with it. one is excused b/c she found out shes expecting number 4! huge surprise to that sweet family!

am i upset i only lost 8-10 pounds? i was, but then i realized what i was saying and doing to myself. i have done something wonderful for myself! slow and steady wins the race, right? i'm actually proud of myself. i've even thought about buying myself at each 10lb mark i loose.

so, here's the biggest news! i've signed up as a jeweler for a wonderful, Biblical based jewelry company! it's a company i've loved for years, literally. i'm really excited to see where God leads me with this. it's definitely because of Him i'm on this path. i ran from Him about this for about four years. so now, i'm ready to go! ready to still do hair, and enrich people's lives with beautiful jewelry, a fun night in their home, and sharing about what Jesus has done for me and is doing for me.

also, in some not so happy news - my papa has been having some health issues lately. he's 76 and i love him more than my words can express! it's breaking my heart to see him like this.he "talks" himself into cancer every time something is going on with him. i wished he was more positive. currently, he's having to stay over night at the hospital from possible side effects from a procedure he had this morning. so prayers needed here ...

and exciting news!!!! my best is moving back home! yay! congrats on the upcoming college degree, kel! words can never express how proud i am of all of her hard work and dedication! i know she's going to do great in "big girl world"! i can't wait to go see her graduate! : ) plus, everything is better in t-town, can i get a roll tide???!!!! ; )

so long for now!
busy B

Sunday, March 27, 2011

half way there

lately, i've been wanting to get back to my exercising. this big girl, who's mostly, always been out of shape, has missed workingout! my eating has been ok, nothing super duper healthy, but nothing awful either. i miss the exercising, and i'm working on that ... hopefully as of tomorrow.

with the feelings from wanting to get back in the swing of things, i haven't weighed in either.

lately, different, random people of my life have said, "you look like you've lost some weight." i always reply, "not so much, but thanks anyways". 

i don't take compliments very well. i'm a lot like my mother in the regard.

so, friday morning, i decided to weigh in. i wasn't looking forward until i did the math. then i stepped off the scales,and back on then subtracted again.

i'm half way to my goal! i have exactly a month to loose the over half. now, i'm back motivated!

i keep thinking, wow - the first ten pounds took 2 months and you only have a month. well, i'm hoping to really jump start the exercising and see what that will do. i'm hoping in all to be down 26 pounds by my 26th birthday this may. the end to meeting these goals is so close!

thank goodness it's springtime! even if it is dogwood winter here in north bama, and slightly freezing.

so, here's to new motivation,and then next ten pounds!

what do you do to help stay motivated to loose weight and stay on your plan?

Busy B

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

march madnes

and no, i'm not talking about the basketball stuff that my mother is all upset about (something about a bracket she has made isn't working well for her ... bless her and her passion for all sports).

march has been a crazy, fast, busy month! seriously! have you seen what the date is?????!!!!!! the 24th?! already???? yes! sheesh!

so, what has march brought for this single, self-employed chick?

~ busy,busy days coloring every one's hair or cutting it all off! what can i say?! spring has sprung!

 ~ i now have another job - i'm a dealer for premier designs. i'm so so so so so so so so excited about this new path!!!! i've loved their jewelry for, well literally, years! now, instead of having parties to get LOTS of free jewelry, i'll be making money for it : )

 ~ LOTS of "big girl" moves have happened in a weeks time, i kid you not!

 ~ tough lesson learned: banks no longer look at a person who is 100% debt free and has no credit as a good thing ... so here's to establishing credit ... ugh ... oh well

 ~ i have a laptop, rather, a net book. it's very little, and simple!! i'm so lost about computers, especially for my age. but i'm loving having my own laptop and wireless internet!

 ~ dealing with my aunt wanting to "hook me up" with some man. i'm not big on blind dates, and not real sure as much as i love her ( she's been more than an aunt to me and my siblings our whole lives), i trust her opinion on this topic. and this is awful, i don't like his name. that's probably not a nice thing to say, but there's just something about this whole thing i'm just not sure of ... hmmm ...

 ~ how can i forget - birthdays??!!! my daddy had his bday saturday. i worked all day long and then my mom threw down on some country cooking! all the nephews were here and after supper we all burned a lot of calories by running after the twins, holding nephew C, and playing with my sis' step son. her step daughter was sleeping over at her g'ma's. 

next up on the bday list is my papa! that's another thing that's happened - the first of the month he was sick and the doctors weren't so sure if had had a stroke or not. thankfully, it wasn't a stroke, and as of today, his neuro doctor isn't sure what it is, but is thinking it was a one time deal. i like that diagnosis! i love my papa more than i could ever describe! i can't imagine not having him, my granny, my parents or really any of my family in my life. i know it's selfish, but it's the truth. so, today a huge burden was lifted! now, on to celebrate his 76th bday next week!

 ~ i'm now on the advisory board for a local charity place that serves the area of the county i live in and even where i work. they actually have a much larger need to help the small town i work in. it's not really a charity,but for safety i'll not list their name. they have a food pantry ministry, they do so much with the school, have an awesome thrift store, and i could literally go on and on and on about the wonderful things they do and the why of what they do. their hope and prayer is that one day the cycle of poverty for this area will be broken, parents can provide for their families and have dignity, and the school will have parental support like none other. my heart has been broken over one of their ministries -bags of blessings b.o.b. - they send home 335 bags of food with students every friday so these 335 will not starve over the weekend. seriously. we have 335 kids in one very small school/community going hungry on the weekends. heart break doesn't describe what i'm feeling right now.

so, anyways - how about you??? has march and spring have you in a new found craziness?